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...Psychopomp 2010...


"Shamus here...How can I help you? ... where are you!!? I didn't recognize your number...  

!!! m'am you got a lot of problems!  I can see right here, in the paper... online...  

no, no, I understand. You shot him by mistake...  ok I respect that. But you didn't tell me about that other little thing. I spent valuable time pursuing other leads... 

yep, got the money last night...  and...'s how it works... That 3 thou is for hell handlers, no they don't use money, but they like certain things I need to take them.... and  I need animal guides or disguise... Yep, they still track best...  ok ok ...then the rest for bribes... but I have some news, I need to change things...

You weren't upfront, I'm sorry m'am.  I need the rest of my fee paid now... I know what I said before...  but... just in case you decide to, well, leave..... When I locate your friend he'll contact you - before I get back.  

Then you do what you want, m'am, and I'm paid. Joining him is out of my control, you need to think about that, considering where he is... yeah, I know you miss him and things just got out of control... "

Chorus Line

Queries and Submissions and Forensic Science


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