Monday, July 20, 2009

The White Squares: No Gigs Past 8

The White Squares topped the charts by going where no other band has gone - to bed, early at night, alone.

Band frontman Bereth 'Blacken' White jokes, "Some say White is the envy of the world". Pressed for an explanation in one of his rare interviews, he adds: "It's not that we're living in a magical square, just the usual suburban oasis no trains reach after 8pm, that's all."

Karyn Eisler & Dorothee Lang


Famous Album Covers said...

"It's hip to be square," said Huey once.

Dorothee said...
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Dorothee said...

the above comment was supposed to be a hip 2-liner, including a link to a blog post with some square notes on the process. well. the link came out dysfunctional and 2 lines long, so here a new try:

square notes and food slurs

Famous Album Covers said...

In response to the discussion on the Virtual Notes page.

As to names involving color: "Blackie Sherwood" is the name of a sportwriter, "Jack Black" is the name of an entertainer, "Whitey Whitney" is the name of a _Leave It to Beaver_ character, and "John White" is a common name, but there are probably scores more instances of people with first names or nicknames of "Rose" or "Pink" or "Red" ... than there are of people with first names or nicknames of "Blackie" or "Whitey."

Of course, just google "white squares" if you want to see even more variants on this term. But there's an interesting set of variants related to certain problems in math and physics (just google "physics white squares"); for example, chess: .

And "The White Squares: No Gigs Past 8" might be a pun on several levels; here's one: (white)^2 ~ !> 8.

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