Sunday, April 19, 2009

THOR: 1979


THOR: Norse Gods

THOR emerged in 1979 as the band to beat, but after drummer
Yor Billingsdale severed his head in in a car wreck that not only
claimed his life but the lives of several mountaiside picnickers, the
full throttle momentum of the band changed. Indeed, fans were
dissappointed (outright annoyed) to find the glass ensconced head
of Yor atop an automated drum kit at concerts and lead singer Doug
Dungeon working diligently to keep it from falling.

But THOR: Norse Gods and THOR: 1979 rocked the charts. Check
out the playlist from THOR: Norse Gods:
1) Sister Frieda, 2) Valhalla, Hell Ya, 3) Ice Wo Tan, 4) Miracle Moon,
5) Red Star Brew, 6) Viking Funeral, Part I, 7) Viking Funeral, Part II,
8) Viking Funeral, Part III, 9) Valhalla, Hell Ya (acoustic), 10) Raiders
to Ireland, 11) King Marc, 12) Isolde.

THOR, as you might imagine, is the hardest of hard rock bands the late 1970s
or the early the 1980s could have invented.

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