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lowell owl

Use of a Different Kind...

Can't help but point you to this poem by Thom Donovan, untitled as far as I know. Bumped into it this morning. Right in time for discussions on "use" and aesthetic practices in my poetry & pedagogy course...

Wild Horses Of Fire: Let art lay fallow here
And artfulness since resis...
: "Let art lay fallow here And artfulness since resistance Fuels 'the system' scratch that Since resistance is part Of an organum of control ..."


jeri jardin

Saturday, October 9, 2010

which jones

Featuring the hit single, "Whose 'Who Is?'", Which Jones once again shows us how it's done: "You'll be humming who, whose 'who is?', is true. Loving you is what is right when done all night. I am Which Jones, you ask, "Which Jones?" I am Which Jones, who is true, and I'll be loving you."

compostxt: integrazioni asemiche da palenque

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Satanic redneck metal.

[tip o' th' cap to CTE]

Chorus Line

Queries and Submissions and Forensic Science


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