Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie's Meltdown: Total Frickin' Rock Star from Mars

Following their 2011 smash U.S. hit "I'm the Winner", Hollywood indie rock group Charlie's Meltdown released their debut album "Total Frickin' Rock Star from Mars" to rave reviews. The band subsequently negotiated one of the most lucrative recording contracts in the history of the music business.

Shortly after the release of the album, the band received negative publicity involving drugs, prostitutes, and assault charges. The police were called to a Beverly Hills hotel where the lead singer, Tuna Halfman, was found hiding in a closet and high on cocaine.

The band's record label initially stood by them. However, they were subsequently dropped from their contract when bassist Lousey Sitcom made anti semitic remarks about record executives during a radio interview.

As of this writing, the band's future is still in question. Rumors of drug rehab and child custody disputes are following drummer Whitey Privilege. Guitarist and songwriter O. Verpaid has remained silent.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chorus Line

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