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vera shevzova / frond 1 - 37 (by Adam Golaski)

[ Front & back covers of the LP frond 1 - 37, released in 1983.  A scrap of promotional copy for the album reads, "Vera Shevzova recorded hundreds of hours of fan and a/c noise onto sound-saturated micro-cassette tapes retrieved from a heap of answering machines found in a box at a Goodwill and laboriously cut and assembled to make a densely layered sound collage sequence. Drone, hum, dimly remembered things-to-do, motor-whir and weep." Only 200 copies were pressed. ]

[ Adam Golaski at Little Stories. ]

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evident attempts and planned exoneration

evident attempts and planned exoneration
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Chorus Line

Queries and Submissions and Forensic Science


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