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Geog - eponymous

Library Science Records 000001
The eponymous debut by this garage trance doom metal free jazz band, formed after the breakup of underground phenoms Dirt Smeller and semi-popular retro-post-thrash stalwarts Monkey Garden.

Laslo Daughn - Bass
"Pirate" Rick - Drums
Sir Anthony Brickwhistle - Bass Clarinet

[original photo credit c2004, Rocky Roe. Please don't sue me, Rocky.]

abandoned furniture


lava champagne: ice skating to hell

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blu louder

Jon Hamm's Beard: S/T

Jon Hamm's Beard is an indie/pop band from London. The band took their name from a publicity photo of American actor Jon Hamm, in which the star of the TV series Mad Men appearded with an uncharacteristic full beard. The band's sound has been compared to Keane, Thirteen Senses, The Bluetones and Radiohead. They have released one self-titled album and three singles.

Their first single "Harry Situation" received heavy national radio airplay in January 2009 on BBC Radio 2. The following month, they made their first television appearance on The Sunday Night Project.

On February 2010, the members of Jon Hamm's Beard and six of their roadies were arrested on suspicion of stealing beers from behind a hotel bar. One of the hotel rooms was flooded during the night by a broken toilet (the hotel was going through refurbishment). Both incidents looked very suspicious, causing the hotel manager to call the police. They were all subsequently released without charge.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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gota dàgua

O                    O                    O                                   O                                                                  O
O                         O O                                                                O OO                                                         O
O                    O o                         o                       o                 o            O                  O                       OO                                  O                                       O
O      OencontrO-me
O                                O                dentro O OO           O                    O              O
O                       de uma gOta dàgua         O                    O
O                         O                           OO                                    O                                O                             oO
O i a n d O andO O                    Oo
O                 O                          O                                      OO                 Oo                                                 O
O           a procura O          O          OOO
                    O               de um cOntinente                 o          o         
                                      de beija-flores  O               o

                                  O                       o O    o                    o   O        
             O                                                                     OOO    O            O        O OO O

undo the spent

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gasper: Turtle

Turtle is the name of the forthcoming eighth studio album by popular American alternative rock band Gasper. It is set to be released on September 14, 2010 by Empty Head Records. Gasper frontman Lake Cosmo said of the album, "There's definitely going to be more raw rock energy on this one."

The album cover features a photograph of American actor Jerry Ferrra, who portrays Salvatore "Turtle" Assante on the HBO television series Entourage. Initial reaction to the album cover by many fans was that it was a joke or a PR stunt. However, the band quickly responded that the cover was not a joke. There have already been numerous parodies of the album cover posted on blogs and websites.



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) ) (chama) ( (

) (inflama) (

) ) (incendeia) ( (

) ( ) (nossa)(cama) ( ( )

( ( ) ) ) (ama)(coma) ( ( ) ) (

 ( ( (abasteça)(este)(fogo) ) )

 (  () (  ) ) ( ) ) )  ( (


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AR - ÉTER...

"Ar", "Éter", fluindo tal fluídico tempo. A fruição da música, pleno deleite de imaginação. Prazer dos Sentidos-Texto de Prazer. A fulva memória clareando no zigue-zaguear pelo tempo. Passado-Presente-Ontem-Hoje. O muito ontem no olhar petrificado do trilobito, em encontro de milhões de anos – eternidade geológica. O hoje, transitoriede, tal piscar luminoso de fentosegundos. Música, encanto de infinitas dimensões no turbilhão da imaginação: “Ar”, “Éter”. Domínio da memória. Drible no tempo da Física. O possível de vidas infinitas nas finitudes das impossibilidades. No dissipar da bruma, transparece a modelo – corpo delgado, porte de bailarina. Toca a aspereza do solo da vida apenas com as pontas dos pés. Ninguém sabe seu início, ninguém sabe o seu fim.
Eleva-se. Etérea.
Mais leve do que o ar.

Lázaro Lokovaks

that' [almost] all, folks

Survey: A Mosque at Ground Zero?

Violent Contradiction: Survey: A Mosque at Ground Zero?

Summer Waves

Chorus Line

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