Tuesday, June 28, 2011


o.k.t.: w.a.n.t.t.
(kaf rec.)

messianic punk. what? yes folks, but this messiah melted down with his career near its peak. close to god, close to the top, or whatever you call it, and then with a collective slap in the face to his fans, he says, "i'm taking a dive cumpa."

of course, the last tracks --without r.pit, totally boring-- are hypnotic instrumentals.

walter plays kraftwerk

walter plays kraftwerk - ídem
divvyy r.

take this! not choose this one but a classic kraftwerk album of covers. in this case is the organ of walter, who brings a kraftwerk ocean, like ralf & florian emerged as the night sea divers, covered with seaweed, strange humming melodies, melodies that shimmer in the black which is black noise this little world-reality.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Acid Principles

The Acid Principles / eponymous / Library Science Records 00004 / 2005

Formed by way of an online collaboration between Berklee School of Music heads and members of the elite, and secretive, Paraneurological Research Collective at MIT, The Acid Principles paved the way for the genre now known as Wankpsycke. This, their eponymous first full-length release, meanders in places, especially during the 17 1/2-minute set closer, "Key, Key, Who's Got the Key (Your Brain is Light)", but the base elements of industrial, 80's guitar gods, and prog chanting are more than evident in this rough but ground-breaking album.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nuevos clientes para Democracia

Este fin de semana se constituyen los nuevos ayuntamientos en España, esperemos que alguno saque a Democracia de la calle.

Tree-Blogging in ARTNews this month

Back in January, I included work posted on the Famous Album Covers blog as part of a social media performance/art event ("Tree-Blogging") that I was coordinating with @Platea.  That project is briefly discussed in an article on social media art in ARTNews this month. It's toward the end of the article.

--Bungy (a.k.a. Jonathan Gray)

"ogień i woda"

Chorus Line

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