Friday, January 29, 2010

Being Ernest: Sea Change by Fritz Liess

A growing trend in popular music is for bands to cover entire
albums by other artists. For example, The Flaming Lips recently released a cover of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon.

Now, Santa Cruz, California alternative rock band Being Ernest has jumped on the bandwagon with their latest album, a cover of Beck's Sea Change.

Sea Change is the band's third studio album and their first
recording of work by another artist.

As with Beck's Sea Change, the album was released with four different album covers and hidden messages under the CD tray.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

say you love me: love signs

say you love me issues love signs just in time for Valentine's. There's nothing more romantic than a fantastic marketing ploy.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

pig face damnation

How pig face damnation came to be is an astounding story in itself. Critics have labelled it an Insane Clown Posse ripoff, but the dynamic of pig face damnation is of a different order than that of Insane Clown Posse. Indeed, pig face damnation actually set out to write music for topless bars and issued "sit and spin" ten years ago when it was known as Hot Silver, when critics called it a Motley Crue ripoff.

The idea for pig face damnation came after drummer Kit Larsen quit Hot Silver to open a midnight volleyball/mosh pit lake club in Austin. Grubber Thompson and Pete Tinsel, the two remaining Hot Silver members, recruited a drummer and bass player after spending a month in the Grand Canyon trying out their chants. With the formula for a "chant band rather then a yell 'naked' band," Grubber and Pete put together pig face damnation within a half year after Hot Silver disbanded.

As to the name, "pig face damnation," Grubber credits a visit to the Video Bar in Deep Ellum in the 1980s, where he saw Leatherface enacting his chainsaw chase on the big screens (the one Grubber remembers was above the downstairs dance floor) to his fascination with meat masks. Grubber was six at the time he visited the Video Bar, and his tales of Deep Ellum are worthy of his forthcoming movie, Me and Joe Bob Briggs, where Grubber narrates his "horror movie youth" in detail.

But "pig face" itself, as Grubber tells it, relates to the masks worn by certain Washington Redskin fans. To this inteviewer's satisfaction, Grubber could not quite relate "pig face" to Leatherface, but perhaps the masks worn by Leatherface and Washington Redskin fans they are all part of the "meat mask" fascination Grubber spoke of.

Check out "My Bloody Valentine" and "Redder and Redder." As the chant goes on "Axe Battle," "It's all grunts and squeals and the thrill of surviving a spin on Ixion's Wheel."

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