Sunday, April 11, 2010

wailers of despair: ugh

Following their less than stellar album, psycho-babble, the wailers of depair have come back strong with ugh.

For lovers of the raw, the wailers of depair offer two entries in the scream category, "scream as loud as you can" and "scream and shriek."

On the one hand, "scream and shriek" is a parody of "Twist and Shout." It comes off as a twisted re-mix with rabid alternations of screams and shrieks.

On the other hand, "scream as loud as you can" is a rev-up from the stadium floor to the nose-bleed section of ever-increasing, ear-piercing vocal bursts.

But there's also a controversy brewing.

the wailers of depair have a technique known as over-echo stylings, a technique karaoke over-singers should be familiar with.

While this technique itself should not be much cause for controversy, the wailers of depair have backgrounded their vocals with the wailing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth recorded at actual catastrophes.

Imagine your crying and sobbing at the news that your baby has died caught on tape. Imagine that recording being used by the wailers of depair to create their own vocal stylings as an echo of your despair.

While the "psych ward wailings" series produced some reaction a few albums back, "dead baby," "lost fiance, "lost fiancee" and the like on ugh have fans excitd and critics riled up.

But there's more controversy brewing as the wailers of depair have now taken on "caterwauling."

Check it out for yourselves. Have the Tylenol ready.
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