Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. First let me start by saying that rap isn’t my thing—wait, “ain’t”… anyway. Aside from Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys I’m at a loss. So I may not be the best critic. Now, I won’t say much other than I revel in a secret joy listening to this, albeit horrible and talentless album, by the Bored White Baristas. Think what’s his name in Office Space rolling up the window so the African American guy outside couldn’t hear what he was listening to. I look for excuses to run errands, and take the long way even, so I can crank this one with the windows rolled tightly up. It’s all kinds of wrong—like bacon in a scone—but there I am: loving it (or at least the idea of it as in the latter case). Yes, judge this one by its cover (WTF?). Sour C H and his crew—Real Rough Jeffrey aka Shady Punch and Sarah Fresh—don’t deliver much other than 80% “nerd rap for coffee shop chicks and white dudes” but shit I fit the bill so what can I say. Still underneath it all pumps a raw aggression and left-wing politic surrounded by a sly comedic sound. Sour claims to be the best white rapper in Kitsap County, so a whole slew of holier than thou purists snicker under their breath and dismiss him out of hand almost immediately. I can relate, but the irony of BWB is that one would think these lo-fi rappers du jour were being ironic when they’re actually deadly serious. This fuels their incredible perseverance to play show after show and survive the beat downs. Well time to go to Home Depot for some “nails”…
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