Friday, July 10, 2009

The Starlite Bookstore: Richard Brautigan's Library

This album is a purely themtic set of lamentations. Based on the conept of the library in Richard Brautigan's The Abortion, the songs here chronicle the fate of unread books stored in a cave in the mountains.

Tracks include "Richard Brautigan's Library"(a tedious explanation of the concept), "My Dog, Rusty," "Working with Linoleum," "Thoughts About Movies," and, of course, the eponymous and often confusing track, "The Starlite Bookstore," which is, however contradictory (as a flip on the main theme developed in "Richard Brautigan's Library"), about readers looking for books that do not exist.

One critic even claims that this very concept--the one developed by Richard Brautigan, not by The Starlite Bookstore--is the very basis of The Eagles hit "Hotel California," but more skeptical critics say "roach motel," meaning "what you check in, no one checks out."

So, treat the playlist as the sign-in sheet to Richard Brautigan's Library.

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Unknown said...

Couldn't have said it any better. Cheers!

Richard B.

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