Friday, October 30, 2009

blunt: bullets for my birthday

My good friend, Bobby Ray Harrall, was killed last week because he lit up a cigarette at a stop light at an intersection known for trouble. Seems he was playing "Pop, Pop, Damn" way too loud. His killer said what he heard sounded just like gunfire. Indeed, his killer was right.

Bobby Ray didn't really have it coming, but his killer may just walk on a self-defense plea.

A sad end to the larger than large life of Bobby Ray, and a very sad event for blunt, who made bullets for my birthday as a compendium of orchestrated gunfire, ricochet, and random pop pops.

The man who killed Bobby Ray thought he was returning fire. blunt thought they were making music from sound effects.

blunt has long loved games like doom and halo, naming tunes after them, and blunt has long loved the scene(s) in Magnum Force with Clint Eastwood (and David Soul) at the gun range, a scene which inspired the tune "target practice," and blunt has long loved the Men in Black scene where Will Smith shoots the eight year-old with the physics books, a scene which inspired the tune "preemptive strike": "comes the riddler * * * * bang bang."

blunthas apologized to the family of Bobby Ray and issued warnings to their fans on national TV where they promised to name their live-action shoot-from-a-car gun range after Bobby Ray as well as donate a percentage of their proceeds to the care of his children.

Jerry, the brother of Bobby Ray, has already secured a position as driver at the Bobby Ray Gun Park.

And be sure to give "blam blam" a listen if you think your ears can handle it.
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