Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Wizard of CH, Alien Encounter

Replete with night noises, eerie sounds, a true photo section, this album contains a classic alien-encounter interview. The cover of this album itself is proof that alien life does, indeed, exist, and the album contains interview after interview with a list of locals who experienced the alien firsthand. We'll be happy to send you copies of signed certificates attesting to the fact that the object pictured on the album cover is alien.

The chief and eponymous interview, however, is the one with the Wizard of CH. You'll be convinced of all things alien by the time you are done with his explanation. Be sure to start with the Power Point file in the the true photo folder so that you can understand the photo and the science behind its explanation.

I cannot tell you how happy we are to have an interview with the Wizard of CH recorded for posterity. Not that the interviews with the locals, especially the one with Reverend Billy, are not special because they are special, but because the Wizard of CH is so highly respected by alien enthusiasts like you.

In order to interview the Wizard of CH, Harold Reginald had to agree to be called "Obsequious Neophyte."


Here are just a few of the questions Obsequious Neophyte asks the Wizard of CH:

Question: Are you using your time warping powers to facilitate these things?

Answer: I wish that were true. I'm fairly old fashioned still using my lucky dousing rods to rule the world.

Question: Do you have lightning scars on your wrists? I hear demonfire elctro-plasmatic blowback can be miserable. Did you know that certain wizards advocate using wrists supports like bowlers use? Now, is that cheating?


You may be asking yourself, "What about the interview that demonstrates the photo on the cover is proof of alien life?" Well, if you're curious, buy the album.

There are over one hunderd-sixty alien life photos, over two hunderd picutres of interviewees, and seventy-five photos thrown in gratis.
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