Thursday, October 22, 2009

mayhem sounds

On October 15, 2009, Randy "Razor Lick" Randall accidentally killed himself while experimenting with fireworks in his garage. mayhem sounds was to have titled this album phosporesce, but changed the album title just before today's release to razor lick, a tribute.

mayhem sounds fans are doubtful that the band can go on without Randy "Razor Lick" Randall. Indeed, critics have already compared his guitar play and stage energy to that of Randy Rhoads, and that kind of energy is difficult to find.

Nevertheless, every track on this album is slated to make number one on the charts:

1) last light
2) phosphoresce
3) the first broken window
4) don't fall down
5) flare run and gun
6) sweat out
7) hostage taker
8) the reaper of screams
9) nervous check
10) overrun
11) capsize
12) out of luck
13) shadowmancer
14) love in vain

Check out these eerie lyrics from "flare run and gun":

when I met you last you were young
you wanted children
but I wanted to run and gun

it's cold as the faraway stars fade
now, my flare gun won't shot straight
and I'm alone, and I need a home

and you have a warm place

Or check out this part of "last light":

no one can hang out at bars anymore
the drinks are too expensive
and the insurance costs immensely

before there's a last light

As my good friend Grant Hiram used to say, "Killer!" It's a killer album, too bad it's also a grand finale for a tremendous talent like Randy "Razor Lick" Randall.

Randy "Razor Lick" Randall was buried in Mesquite, Texas October 21, 2009. Services were held at First Baptist Church, Mesquite, Texas.
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