Sunday, June 14, 2009


Taking their name from a birth control device that became popular in
the 1980s, this never-really popular band produced some tunes that
have only recently hit the charts. Indeed, their rants against movies
like The Breakfast Club, their insistence on turning the firehose on
preppies at their outdoor concerts, and their dismissal of the 1980s
British scene as a "barbershop quartet bunch of tweedholes," cost
them their base, and the other base they might have had didn't like
their derisive comments about leather and metal in the tune, "My
Cow Is Suede."

Today, though, the album cover that might have been an influence in
either the creation of the jello shot or in its popularity (the story
of the influence of this album cover was reported by someone under
the influence and what they were talking about remains unclear,
but the album here pictured was called Jello Shot) has been
reissued with a compilation disk containing such tunes as "Pictures
of Your Mother Naked," "The Stark Club," "Ecstacy Was Legal Then,"
"Her Cold Carpet," "Barely Escaped," "We All Got Pregnant," and "I
Registered My Gun Before I Shot Your Dad." The compilation disc is
titled Hell No Jello.

In a recent interview with the band, xylophonist Kate Bigilow once
again thanked her music teacher for introducing her to classical
music and to the Beatles and to John Coltrain, and everyone in the
band pondered the fate of long missing bassist Kurt Peppers.

For legal reasons, this album may be distributed with the band name
ZpongeeZ in some markets.

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